SegTurn Try or Purchase

The SegTurn program is available in the Microsoft Store.

Access to the Microsoft store is available in Windows 10. Once you have opened the Microsoft Store select 'Apps' and then search for SegTurn.

Select the SegTurn icon and you will be presented with the SegTurn store entry. There is a Buy button followed by (...) which when clicked will open a dropdown menu where you will be able to download the program for a free 30 day trial. The program downloaded for the free trial has all the functionality of the purchased program (it is the same program).

After the program is downloaded if you visit the 'Plans' page you can download '.vsl' files that can be opened in the program. Once opened the vessel can be used as is or it can be modified to explore the capabilities of the SegTurn program.

Once you have downloaded the program you will automatically get any future updates.

If you have any issues with the program or comments please send them to